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Joint International Staff Training Week: Celebrating University Anniversaries Co-organised by the University of Padua and the University of St Andrews - Free, registration required.

The University of Padua and the University of St Andrews invite colleagues to participate in an online International Staff Training Week on the topic of ‘Celebrating University Anniversaries'. The event builds on the 800th anniversary celebrations of the University of Padua coming in 2022 and the 600th anniversary celebrations at St Andrews in 2013.

Administrative and academic staff members from Higher Education Institutions, students and interested people are welcome to attend the open sessions.

Wednesday 9 June, 1pm to 4pm

Universities as European Institutions: the Mobility of Students and Professors from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era

Building on the Progetto Bo22 project at the University of Padua, this session investigates the mobility of people and ideas across historical time periods. Topics include:
* ‘From Paradise to Padua' -- Correspondence Networks Between the University of Padua and the British Isles
* Studium Scientiae: playing the history of science in universities
* The graves of University of Padua professors
* The Bo2022 database: mapping academic population and students' mobility in the long history of the University of Padua

If you are interested in the other days of the training week, you can find further information at the links below:

You can join any of the sessions of interest, as long as you register in advance via the link below.