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Virtual SEES Seminar -- Dr Takayuki Ushikubo, JAMSTEC Japan Title: Oxygen isotope ratios of H2O in the Solar protoplanetary disk recorded in anhydrous minerals.

Our next SEES Seminar will be on Friday 24th Feb at 13:00. This is an online event however it will also be streamed live in room A15 at the Bute. All are welcome, please do join us.

Abstract: Chondrules are abundant igneous silicate spherules in primitive meteorites (chondrites). They formed by transient high temperature processes in the Solar protoplanetary disk at ca. 4565 Ma. Many chondrules consist of MgO-rich olivine, pyroxene, glass, and Fe-metal. This is consistent with high temperature processes under reducing environment in the H2 gas predominant protoplanetary disk. However, some chondrules consist of FeO-rich olivine and pyroxene. This indicate that such FeO-rich chondrules formed under oxidizing environment. The most likely oxidizing agent is evaporated H2O ice in the protoplanetary disk. We found that FeO-rich chondrules have characteristic oxygen isotopic compositions.

In this seminar, I would like to present how we use in-situ oxygen isotope data obtained by SIMS to figure out oxygen isotopic characteristics of chondrules.


Ushikubo et al. (2012) GCA 90, 242.

Ushikubo and Kimura (2021) GCA 293, 328-343.

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