Past event

Student learning and teaching environment design sprint Free

The digital communications team has listened to feedback from students highlighting that access to course materials is not straightforward; can you help us improve the learning and teaching digital space?

The University's digital communications team is hosting a design sprint to improve the 'My Courses' portal for current students. The portal will be a 'one stop shop' for students to access all modules, email, assignments and more.

The digital team is looking for current students to get involved and contribute ideas to the design of the system. No previous design experience is required and each participant will be given a £25 Amazon gift voucher for attending.

The overall goal of the workshop is to allow students themselves to improve the portal so it meets the design standards of current students at the University.

Places on the design sprint are limited, so please book your place early.

The design sprint will be held in Gateway lecture room 2 on Thursday 21 March from 9am to 1pm.

If you're interested, please book in advance by emailing