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Accounting, Governance and Organisations research group Valuation in the art market

This meeting is organised jointly by the School of Management's Accounting, Governance and Organisations (AGOG) and the Financial Institutions and Markets (FIM) research thematic groups.

The seminar will be an opportunity to hear from Professor of Finance Bert Schotens and PhD candidate Ban Lee, both from the School, speaking about valuation in the art market.

Mr Lee will present on the topic, ‘Valuing the invaluable: financialising valuation in the art market', and Professor Scholtens will discuss his paper, ‘The big picture: Detecting price drivers of Swedish masterpieces' written with co-authors Steffen Eriksen and Adri de Ridder.

Further details have been circulated to School of Management staff and research students. As hot drinks will be provided, the coordinators have asked for those who plan to attend to let them know.