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  1. Damascene Reformers

    Damascene Reformers

    The ethical paradox of pursuing change under ideological regimes.'

    The Syrian Arab Republic has rarely been out of the headlines following the rise to power of Hafiz al-Asad in 1970 and Bashar al-Asad in 2000 and has been at...

  2. Lunch & Learn: Social Media Marketing - the basics

    Lunch & Learn: Social Media Marketing - the basics

    Organised by the Entrepreneurship Centre

    In this month's Lunch & Learn we will be covering Social Media Marketing: the basics. We're delighted to be joined by Mike Scott, who will be...

  3. Grief Group Student Lunch

    Grief Group Student Lunch

    This group is open to all students who are grieving, and this does not have to be a recent loss. It offers an opportunity to find common ground with others in...