Past event

Balkans Backwards and Forwards: Where Can We Go? Potential for Civic Initiative and Organic Progress, Western Fragmentation and Authoritarian Initiative

Moderator: Stehen Gethins, Professor of Practice, former MP for Fife, former Vice Chair of All-Party Groups for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Panel Members

Dr. Ivan Stefanovski, Eurothink, Skopje:  What happened to the "Balkan Spring?" Lessons from social movements' failures and breakthroughs

Dobrica Veselinović, Ne Davimo Beograd movement, Serbia:  Constructing functioning civic governance in Serbia from the local

Dr. Valery Perry, author/editor of Extremism and Violent Extremism in Serbia: 21st Century Manifestations of a Historical Challenge (Columbia/Ibidem, 2019):  Institutionalized corruption, malgovernance and injustice as drivers of radicalization and extremism - The Good, the bad, and the ugly