Past event

Visualising War Podcast -- Led by Drs Alice König and Nicolas Wiater How do war stories work? And what do they do to us? Tune in to the Visualising War project's new podcast to find out.

Visualising War is an interdisciplinary research project based at the University of St Andrews. It looks at how war gets represented in art, text, drama, music and many other kinds of storytelling.

The podcast series is just one of several new strands we are developing to broaden our study and bring more people into the conversation. Each week, we will be interviewing a different guest, asking about narratives of war that have influenced them and their own habits of representing, imagining or visualising conflict.

Our interviewees include war reporters, photojournalists, artists, video game designers, museum curators and theatre, film and documentary makers -- people who make complex decisions about how to represent war to others. We also talk to peace campaigners, NGOs and clinical psychologists to find out how storytelling impacts their work with victims of conflict. And we interview serving soldiers, veterans, defence trainers and strategists to find out what narratives of war flourish in their respective worlds and what influence they have.

For further information and to listen to the podcast please visit the Visualising War website (note: the timings on this page are for the launch of the series).