Past event

Virtual reality in anatomical sciences: transforming the way we teach and learn Seminar by Dr Tomasz Cecot

The School of Medicine will welcome Dr Tomasz Cecot this April, who will deliver this seminar on virtual reality in the anatomical sciences.

Dr Cecot is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong's LKS Faculty of Medicine with a particular research interest in anatomical education. He has extensive experience developing and implementing the use of virtual reality (VR) technology in anatomical education at his home institution. This session will delve into the cutting-edge applications of VR in anatomical sciences education and provide an overview of its pedagogical advantages. Dr Cecot will also explore how the technology can be implemented in various anatomical educational settings and discuss its potential for enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes.

The seminar will include a practical demonstration of VR and a facilitated discussion about how similar innovations could be deployed locally.

This event is made possible with the generous support of the Anatomical Society.

Please direct any questions about the event to Senior Lecturer Dr Andrew O'Malley at [email protected].