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Vertically Integrated Projects Academic Forum

A presentation and discussion with Professor Ed Coyle, originator and pioneer of Vertically Integrated Projects (VIPs) at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He will introduce these credit-bearing undergraduate modules which are designed to support student research teams drawn from different years of study and potential diverse disciplines to participate in long term research and scholarly projects. Students earn credit for their VIP module and benefit from project based learning while academics gain additional research productivity.

The focus in on building teams of student researchers at all levels and from both the Arts and Sciences to participate in an open-ended, exploratory and ongoing research project initiated by the academic VIP team leader and embedded in their own research interests and expertise. Georgia Tech has been running VIPs for 10 years and they now have more than 70 project teams and over 1000 student participants.

VIPs are available at 35 universities worldwide but only at Strathclyde in the UK. Using the Strathclyde example, Professor Steve Marshall will illustrate how VIP modules work within a Scottish curricular model.

At St Andrews, we are currently designing the curriculum infrastructure to accommodate VIPs and we are looking for academics who are interested in leading their own VIP student research team in 2020/21 and beyond.

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