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Ukraine: Energy in the Spotlight -- Electric Networks

Electricity, like air, is something we notice when it disappears. In 2022 Ukrainians faced an acute energy deficiency, in everyday life, at work, and public spaces, as entire cities would sink into darkness for hours on end. During the winter of 2022-23 Electricity networks became a primary target of the missile attacks by the Russian military in Ukraine. The consequences of considerable destruction of the electric grid infrastructure have led to significant changes in everyday routines, and the need for energy saving habits in urban and rural communities rose rapidly. However, the speakers of our previous series rightly predicted that the complete destruction of the grid would not occur. During this session we would like to reflect on the predictions and long-term plans of Ukraine in strengthening its energy independence, electric grids' resilience, and clean energy buildup. Starting with the prospects of the upcoming winter, we will go on to discuss the green futures for both Ukraine and wider Europe.

We will start off with the artistic reflection on the meaning of energy and blackouts, presented by Polina Polikarpova. Our speakers will include Rouven Stubbe, Economic Consultant in Energy & Climate Policy at Berlin Economics, and a Consultant in the Low Carbon Ukraine project, followed by Andriy Zinchenko, a co-founder of Greencubator NGO, and a member of the “Energy Sector Reform” group of RPR, who has been promoting energy-efficiency and usage of renewable energy sources in Ukraine since 2009.

Join us for this pressing and much-needed talk on November 23, at 4pm (UK time), both in person and online.

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