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Turning Workshop Free

Turning is a sound project inviting listeners to pause, tune into the moment, and turn our attention towards hopes and imaginings for the future, as the season turns with us.

Scotland based artists, Saffy Setohy and Niroshini Thambar, are gathering the sounds of our voices and our places, around St Andrews in November. These will be arranged into a new sound work designed to be listened to at a significant turning point, as the sun sets on the shortest day of a difficult year.

Inspired by meditations, podcasts, audio dance classes and the company of the radio during lockdown, this sound work encourages us to step away from screens and overwhelming visual information into the twilight. Tuning our attention to small details, vast imaginings and the things that connect us, this work is intended to be a hopeful counter to transmissions of fear in our uncertain times.

Join in

If you would like to be part of this crowd-sourced composition, please come to a free online workshop at 4pm on Thursday 12 November to meet the artist, learn more about this special project and find out how you can contribute.

After the workshop, and with your consent, you will receive a daily email from Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 November. The email will contain a voice recording, guiding you through a short and simple, safe task. This might involve gentle movement, walking and mindfulness exercises, and there will be a prompt to make a very short voice recording in response.

Some of the tasks will be everyday activities and some will be special, simple things where you are encouraged to pause and notice or imagine. You can contribute as many, or as few, as you like.

It should not take more than about 15 minutes each day. You can do it alone, or with your family or bubble. All ages are welcome to join, but the activity might be most suited to ages eight and up due to the gentle focus required.

Use the recording device that works best for you and send your recordings to [email protected] by Monday 23 November.

Listen together

Whether you have contributed or not, join the online listening party on Monday 21 December 2020 at 3.36pm (GMT). We will announce how on Tuesday 1 December on the Byre Theatre website and on the Byre's social media channels.

Safety is our highest priority. All activities are designed with your safety in mind and may be changed in response to the latest guidance.

Many thanks to Ray Jacobs for permission to use his image, Sea Gazing, to promote this project.

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