Past event

'Translating in the Renaissance' Workshop: Translation and Polyglossia in early modern Britain

This is the first of a series of online meetings on ‘Translating in the Renaissance', co-organised by Jean-Louis Fournel (Université Paris 8), Ivano Paccagnella (Università di Padova), Alessandra Petrina (Università di Padova), Claudia Rossignoli (University of St Andrews). The focus of this first seminar will be on translation into English of the work of Petrarch and Castiglione, and Prof. Alessandra Petrina (Università di Padova) and Dr Laetitia Sansonetti (Université de Paris Nanterre and Institut universitaire de France) will present and discuss their ongoing research with Prof. Neil Rhodes (University of St Andrews) and Dr Guyda Armstrong (University of Manchester). This will also be a significant opportunity for a wider discussion on the development of the series, and for broadening the working group and its research directions. The even is open to all.

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