Past event

Transgender Cultures in Modern History

To mark LGBT History month, the School of History at the University of St Andrews is hosting the workshop ‘Transgender Cultures in Modern History'.

The workshop brings together scholars working on transgender histories in diverse geographical contexts in order to identify shared themes, situate local and/or temporal specificities and explore related historiographical, theoretical and methodological questions. As well as introducing participants to exciting work in the field, the workshop seeks to reflect on research challenges and spark discussion on possible future pathways.


  • ‘Hijra and Histories of Translation' – Dr Jessica Hinchy
  • ‘Transgender Literary Cultures vs Feminist Historiography: The Case of Nadezhda Durova/Aleksandr Aleksandrov (1783-1866)' – Dr Margarita Vaysman, University of St Andrews
  • ‘Transtopia Unlimited: Resisting the Telos of Transgender Knowledge' – Dr Howard Chiang, University of California, Davis

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