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Tracing the Lines: Pots and People in Late Neolithic Scotland

In the final centuries of the 4th millennium BC a new style of pottery known as Grooved Ware appeared in Orkney. Known from sites including the Standing Stones of Stenness, the village of Barnhouse and the dramatic enclosure of the Ness of Brodgar, Grooved Ware was subsequently, and rapidly, adopted across the whole of Britain and Ireland, replacing all previously existing regional styles. What, then, was so special about Grooved Ware? What was the significance of Orkney and of the Balfarg/Balbirnie ritual complex in Fife? And how does the adoption of this new style of pottery fit in with the appearance of other widely shared forms of artefact and monuments after 3,000 BC? In this talk, Dr Mike Copper will address these and other Grooved Ware-related questions in the light of the results of recent  – Tracing the Lines: uncovering Scottish Grooved Ware trajectories beyond Orkney.

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