Past event

This is my face (Esta es Mi Cara)

The Centre for Minorities Research presents a screening of This is my face, a film by Angelica Cabezas Pino, made in collaboration with people living with HIV in Chile.

People living with HIV in Chile fear stigma so they conceal their condition and stay silent about their experiences with the illness that threatens their life. This is my face (Esta es Mi Cara): What lies inside a journey with HIV? challenges this taboo by using autobiographical photography and reflexive techniques through cinematic and ethnographic storytelling. What is revealed is an internal and hidden dialogue that evokes a world known only to people who deal with an illness that radically changes lives.

Angelica Cabezas Pino works alongside her collaborators to reveal how this journey unfolds on screen and challenge years of silence and misrepresentation. The film will be followed by a discussion and question and answer session with Angelica and is free and open to all.

Reserve tickets on the Byre Theatre website or email Sandra Fernandez at for more information.

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