Past event

The Future of German Screen Studies Conference

The conference will delve into the future prospects of German Screen Studies amidst ongoing technological evolution, heightened cultural and political discord, and historical upheavals on national, European, and global levels.

Exploring innovative methodologies and concepts, scholars and students will investigate German-language cinematic, televisual, streaming, and site-specific screen media, spanning historical, contemporary, and forthcoming periods.

The conference programme will feature keynote lectures from Johannes von Moltke, University of Michigan, Erica Carter, King's College, London, and Seřn Allan, Professor of German at St Andrews.

There will be panel discussions with academics from St Andrews, throughout the UK, the USA, Canada and Europe on subjects ranging from new histories and historiographies, transnational spaces and transcultural times, and the theories and histories of ecocinema, to the legacies of Weimar and GDR cinema, the effects of nazi violence, women in German screen studies, and a post-human future.

There will be a free and public screening of the Ernst Lubitsch silent comedy, Kohlhiesel's Daughters (1920). This screening will be held at the Byre Theatre and will feature live musical accompaniment. It is the UK premiere of the film's 4K digital restoration by the Friedrich Murnau Stiftung. Find out more on the Byre Theatre website.

Coffee and lunch breaks and a pizza and wine reception will present various opportunities to mingle with speakers and delegates for further discussion.

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