Past event

The Christianisation of Greece

In the third Saints Talk online series, Professor Rebecca Sweetman will discuss the Christianisation of Greece.

Although literary data attests to the presence of Christian communities from the first to the fourth centuries, more often than not they remain invisible in the archaeological record of Roman Greece.

This is in large part explicable because of the slow assimilation of Christianity - even after it became the state religion (in CE 380) - but primarily because in the Roman period and even into the Late Antique period Christianity was not that different to what already existed: even elements of both Christian and polytheistic cult are manifested side by side in material culture and in behaviour.

The event will premiere on the Alumni YouTube channel on Tuesday 14 July at 5pm (BST).

Professor Sweetman will be watching the premiere with us and will be answering any questions via a live Q&A on the premiere chat bar. You can submit questions in advance to or live during the event on the premiere chat bar.*

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