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The advocate: the string that ties everything together Kaleidoscope Alumni Network Launch

Kaleidoscope Alumni Network (KAN) is an alumni network that celebrates the ethnic and cultural diversity of St Andrews alumni around the world. We are successful thought leaders, changemakers, and global citizens and our diversity allows us to perceive situations from a multitude of perspectives.

Join us in person or online to learn about and help us to celebrate the ethnic and cultural diversity of St Andrews graduates around the world and the significant contribution made to our society by under-represented diverse ethnic communities.

Court in the United States is fast paced with high stakes, especially when the consequences of deportation become the difference between life and death.

The advocate walks a tightrope: on the one hand knowing how much risk is involved and being obliged to disclose this to the client, but on the other hand needing to prepare appropriately for a case according to the magnitude of any resulting consequences.

Advocate Jocelyn Pridgen (One Year Studay [JYA] 1982-1983) will talk about her travels (30 countries by 30), and education (graduate programmes in law and public health), and how these inform so much of what she does in the practise of law and how she assists her clients.

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