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Sustainable Resource Use -- From Coring to Coding

The issue of sustainable resource use within a European context continues to be an important topic, particularly in light of the green and digital transitions. Even more so as the world observes geopolitical tensions that threaten access to natural resources, e.g., minerals, oil and metals. Added to this, the world sees a push to develop and deploy technologies enabling the twin and digital transition – from Renewable Energy through to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many scarce resources are needed to support the physical infrastructure behind these technologies. How is Europe to balance a decline in the availability of resources with the need to innovate using said resources?

This event will present two perspectives on sustainable resource use; the first addresses the need for environmental resources in the development and use of AI with the ethical issues associated, for example, environmental and intergenerational justice. The second perspective will look at Europe's own natural resources and the difficulties in turning these natural deposits into mines that can address European needs. Will the twin green and digital transitions deepen Europe's dependence on imports, and what are the ethics of promoting global technologies for which Europe provides very few of the actual resources?

The University of Bonn-University of St Andrews Brussels Discussion Series brings together leading experts from both institutions to explore, challenge, and encourage lively debate around some of the most pressing issues facing European and global societies today. Building on the historic and multidimensional partnership between these two European universities, this event, in partnership with Scotland Europa, aims to examine the future of European sustainable resource use in an innovative, thought-provoking, and multidisciplinary way. Join Adrian Finch, Professor of Geology, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of St Andrews and Aimee van Wynsberghe, Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Applied Ethics of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bonn, for this hybrid event based in Brussels.

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