Past event

Suhit Amin --- Founder & CEO of Saulderson Media Speaker Series hosted by the Entrepreneurship Centre

A Speaker Series not to be missed. Organised in partnership with the Entrepreneurial Education Working Group, this week's edition of the Entrepreneurship Centre Speaker Series features St Andrews student and entrepreneur, Suhit Amin.

Suhit, 20, is a Young Entrepreneur and Founder of Saulderson Media. In February 2018, aged 16, he was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin Lymphoma. His illness motivated him to do something bigger and pursue his entrepreneurial passions.

Instead of letting his diagnosis bring him down, he channeled it into his ambitions – to be a successful entrepreneur. His mindset was that, if he wasn't alive in a year's time, he would want to go out doing something big and what he loves.

He overcame the odds and beat cancer whilst launching a successful business – now a seven-figure influencer marketing agency. He is now a five-times award-winning entrepreneur and speaker who leads multiple businesses across different sectors.

Join us to hear Suhit share his inspirational journey.