Past event

Stories from the Sewing Room -- Small Cloth Collage Workshop Part of the Medieval Makers event - Free

As part of the Medieval Makers event, join Ali Ferguson from The Purple Thread Shed, Artist, Embroider & Collector of stories, to create a small ‘cloth collage' inspired by stories & memories of sewing.

During the Middle Ages, the practice of embroidery grew rapidly. From stitching and making clothes, to creating beautiful designs, people practiced this craft and honed their skills. Using any materials available, medieval artisans produced wonderful pieces by hand and this workshop allows you to continue this tradition and make your own.

Ali will share her relaxed approach to creating a gorgeously scrappy collage where fabrics are ripped, layered and hand stitched together. She'll show you a simple way to add a little stitched ‘drawing' and hand stitched words — all adding to your sewing room story. It can be further decorated with the addition of buttons and other old haberdashery items. Everything you need will be provided.

You won't finish your collage during the workshop — hand stitching is really slow! However, you will leave with a gorgeous project to continue working on at home.

Don't worry if you're not an experienced stitcher — you'll be shown everything you need to know! A love of scrappy, vintage style is much more important, and you will experience how people made medieval designs, with a modern twist. Your own story and memory shared with those from the Middle Ages.