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STACEES Research Seminar Series -- Transparency in the age of energy transition: What can data tell us about sustainability? Guest speaker: Dr Aliya Tskhay

Join us for another great interdisciplinary paper, this time by Dr Aliya Tskhay (School of International Relations) entitled 'Transparency in the age of energy transition: What can data tell us about sustainability?'.

This paper explores the utility of data produced within the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) framework in informing policies towards energy transition and sustainability. The EITI is an international multi-stakeholder initiative that puts transparency and accountability at the core of extractive industries. More than 50 countries around the world are implementing the EITI and produce reports on a wide range of issues, such as the state of the domestic extractive sector, resource revenues, beneficial ownership and others.

Dr Tskhay argues that the EITI data can shed light on three main points in resource-rich countries:

  1. the wide-ranging impact of the extractive sector on countries' economies and environment
  2. employment practices and local communities
  3. environmental information.

All these points are key to inform policy-makers and the general public on the challenges, risks and benefits associated with energy transition. Furthermore, the paper discusses some of the data that are not currently covered by the EITI, which could push forward the implementing states in the efforts to sustainable economic growth.

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