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School of Psychology and Neuroscience Seminar: Dr Peter Scarfe (Reading) "Applied applications of virtual reality and perceptual psychophysics"

Dear everyone,

**Please note the 10am start time**

This week we'll have Peter Scarfe (Vision and Haptics Laboratory, University of Reading) present on “Applied applications of virtual reality and perceptual psychophysics”, hosted by Julie Harris. His talk will be followed by a ‘Growing up in Science' discussion, hosted by Becky Maguire (Julie Harris' group). Peter has kindly offered to talk about LGBTQ issues and mental health issues and how these affect an academic career.

Seminar abstract:

Sensory perception is typically seen as an academic discipline, that is niche and devoid of any real-world applications. In this talk I will try and convince you otherwise. I will present some recent work from my lab utilising virtual reality and haptic robotics that addresses (1) the sensory information we use to judge that the world around us is stable and how this knowledge is useful for designing augmented reality experiences, and (2) how understanding the way in which information is combined from vision and touch can lead to improvements in the delineation of tumours in medical imaging data. I will place this discussion in the wider context of the mutual relationship between understanding sensory perception and designing good virtual/augmented reality hardware and experiences.

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