School of Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Anna Slater (University of Liverpool) Developing tools for supramolecular materials discovery

Molecular materials and supramolecular systems have great potential in multiple applications, but their synthesis and scale-up is still challenging. When dealing with such weak, reversible, and/or multi-component chemical processes, reaction conditions can have a huge bearing on the result in terms of yield, scalability, reproducibility, and selectivity.

Our work develops tools to control the outcome of such chemical processes. In this talk, I will describe these complementary strategies—from continuous flow chemistry to non-thermal plasma approaches—and how we've used them to form structures capable of defined host-guest interactions, molecular separation, or molecular motion.

Professor Slater is the 2023 RSC Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize Winner

This event is open to final year undergraduate project students, MSc students, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and academic staff.