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Saints Talk: Professor Will Cresswell Understanding Bird Migration

Development are delighted to welcome you to the next instalment in the Saints Talk series from Professor Will Cresswell, ‘Understanding Bird Migration'.

Will is Professor of Biology at the University and has been studying the ecology of migrant birds for the last 25 years.

Will's research focusses on understanding how the one third of the bird species that breed in Europe are actually African species, where they spend most of the year. Swallows, flycatchers, warblers, swifts, cuckoos and so on move on a global scale, connecting us with the rest of the world.

But this annual migration marvel, that brings tropical species to our backyards each year also brings a number of scientific and conservation challenges:

  • How do the birds make it to Africa and back?
  • Where do they go in Africa?
  • How can they cope with the different environments in Europe and Africa, and those along the way
  • How can we do something about their almost universally declining populations when they range over many countries and two continents?

Will's talk will describe some of his research to answer these questions.

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