Past event

Saints Talk: Professor Stephen Reicher Home is the most dangerous place: on Christmas and Covid-19

Development are delighted to welcome you to the Winter Festival Saints Talk given by Professor Stephen Reicher, Professor of Psychology, taking place live on Wednesday 9 December at 5.00pm GMT via Microsoft Teams*

Professor Reicher is a member of the advisory groups on Covid-19 to the Scottish and UK Governments, and is a member of Independent SAGE. The talk, entitled Home is the most dangerous place: on Christmas and Covid-19, will explore 'the intimacy paradox': the way in which we feel at our safest when we are with others and in spaces that are familiar to us, and how that can put us in greater danger.

The talk will range across evidence from laboratory experiments involving smelly sweatshirts to a study of 'the greatest show on earth' - the amazing Magh Mela in Northern India (which, at its height, can attract up to 100 million people). How might all of this affect our behaviour over Christmas, our compliance with COVID regulations, and hence the trajectory of the pandemic?

We hope that to see you on Wednesday at the online event.

* Please note you can join a Teams event, whether or not you have a Teams account.