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Saints Talk: Professor Ineke De Moortel Our Dynamic Sun - Creating mathematical models to understand our local star

Development are delighted to invite you to the next instalment in the Saints Talk series from Professor Ineke De Moortel, ‘Our Dynamic Sun – Creating mathematical models to understand our local star'.

Although the Sun might appear quite serene to us, our star is in fact, literally, bursting with activity. Frequent violent eruptions of hot matter send seismic waves across the entire Sun's surface like huge solar tsunamis. Highly energetic particles stream continuously out from the Sun punctuated by massive blasts of hot plasma that are hurled out from the Sun.

So what do these have to do with us? To discover how all this solar activity affects our daily lives, in this talk, we will journey from deep inside the Sun's nuclear core, through the solar surface, into its atmosphere, on towards Earth and finally out into space. A range of satellites is now observing the Sun in unprecedented detail, giving scientists an ever greater understanding of our local star. Ineke will show how scientists use these satellite images to create mathematical models of this solar activity.

Ineke De Moortel is a Professor of applied mathematics (Solar Physics) in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Ineke's research focuses on the dynamical processes occurring in the Sun's atmosphere, in particular the behaviour and interaction of MHD waves and oscillations in 3D geometries, using observations and computational simulations.

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