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Saints Talk: Professor Graham Turnbull Future Smart Lighting - Beyond Setting the Mood

Development is delighted to invite you to the next instalment in the Saints Talk series when Professor Graham Turnbull will talk about ‘Future Smart Lighting – Beyond Setting the Mood'.

When people talk of smart lighting, they usually mean a bulb that you control without touching the switch. The “smart” part sits in the smartphone or smart speaker that sets the mood lighting at your request. In this Saints Talk, Professor Turnbull will discuss how the bulb, and the materials from which it is made, can be smart in themselves.

In his research in the Organic Semiconductor Centre, Professor Turnbull is making new types of lighting that can communicate while they illuminate. He also studies materials that can sense their environment through changes in the light they emit. His research aims to develop new technologies for fast mobile communications using visible light (known as LiFi); and to detect traces of chemicals such as explosives and pollutants in the environment.

Graham Turnbull is Professor of Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy. His research interests focus on photonic applications of soft materials, notably including organic semiconductors. This spans fundamental studies of light-matter interactions through to a range of interdisciplinary applications, including sensors for buried explosives, and technologies for lighting and optical wireless communications.

The event will take place via Microsoft Teams: you do not need a Microsoft Teams account to join this event.

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