Past event

Saints Talk: Professor David Borchers Wildlife Population Assessment in the Digital Age

We are delighted to invite you to join us for the next instalment in our Saints Talk online lecture series when Professor David Borchers will talk about Wildlife Population Assessment in the Digital Age.

Conservation status is often a contentious issue for scientists because it can be difficult to gather reliable data on which to base assessments of a species' abundance and distribution. Snow leopards, for example, live in remote, inaccessible mountains and are notoriously secretive and difficult to survey.

In his talk, Professor Borchers will describe how scientists are developing new statistical methods for camera traps and acoustic detectors, and how artificial intelligence methods are changing the way that data from these devices is processed, and the way wildlife populations are assessed.

Wildlife Population Assessment in the Digital Age. will premiere on the Alumni YouTube channel on Tuesday 20 October at 5pm (BST).

Professor Borchers will be watching the premiere with us and will be answering any questions via a live Q&A on the premiere chat bar. You can submit questions in advance to or live during the event on the premiere chat bar.*

We hope you can join us!

*Please note in order to ask questions on the premiere chat bar you will need to be signed into a YouTube account.