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Saints Talk: Dr Kristen Treen American Civil War Monuments: Conflict, Movement, Solution?

We are delighted to invite you to the next instalment in our Saints Talk series from Dr Kristen Treen, American Civil War Monuments: Conflict, Movement, Solution?

Destroy, conceal, contextualise, curate: recent debates about Confederate statuary have provoked numerous responses to the thousands of US monuments that celebrate a regime built on human enslavement. In this talk, Dr Treen will return to the roots of the post-Civil War monuments movement -- North and South -- to reflect on the forms and functions of nineteenth-century public statuary in the US, and its relationship with the legacy of enslavement and Emancipation.

Drawing on the work of the St Andrews American Civil War Monuments Database project, she will also discuss how that knowledge might inform ongoing efforts to come to terms with the public pieces of this violent past.

Dr Treen is Lecturer in American Literature in the School of English and is presently finalising revisions to her monograph on literature, memory, material culture and the American Civil War. She has published work on Civil War monuments, Gettysburg relics, and Confederate material culture; written for Apollo International Art Magazine; and is leading the American Civil War Monuments Database project at St Andrews.

We hope to see you on Tuesday!

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