Past event

Saints Talk - Professor Caron Gentry: Women and Terrorism

In the fourth lecture of the Saints Talk online series, Professor Caron Gentry will talk about Women and Terrorism.

Women's participation in political violence or terrorism is often met with incredulity. This was the response in 2015 to both the San Bernardino shooting (organised by a woman) and to the three teenage 'Bethnal Green Girls' who left London to join IS. When one of the girls (Shamima Begum) reappeared in February 2019, that incredulity morphed into anger when she continued to show support for IS.

In this lecture, Caron Gentry takes the audience on a journey from the mid-1800s to the present day to demonstrate that this incredulity is misplaced: there is in fact a long history of women's participation in terrorism and engagement with political violence.

The event will premiere on the Alumni YouTube channel on Tuesday 28 July at 5pm (BST).

Professor Gentry will be watching the premiere with us and will be answering any questions via a live Q&A on the premiere chat bar. You can submit questions in advance to [email protected] or live during the event on the premiere chat bar.*

*Please note in order to ask questions on the premiere chat bar you will need to be signed into a YouTube account.