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Rest and Solidarity Tearoom Free

Our Ukrainian colleagues, students and members of the St Andrews community have been through a lot in the past two weeks and may feel anxious for friends and loved ones. Some of you feel angry, frustrated and terrified, but at least we are here for each other.

The Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central and East European Studies would like to create a safe space where we can come together, share stories or stay silent, vent and meet others who are feeling the same or sharing the same experiences.

Come join us at the Rest and Solidarity Tearoom between 3pm and 5pm. This is an online space without a specific schedule, a place where you can just show up and do what feels the most helpful now. We are not mental health professionals, but we can offer collegial solidarity and care, and help you locate sources of further support.

The event is only open for Ukrainian colleagues and those of us who work in the region.

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