Professor Tarja Vayrynen – Tampere University Finland – Corporeal Peacebuilding: Bodies and Transitions

The Centre of Peace & Conflict Studies presents

Corporeal Peacebuilding: Bodies and Transitions

Over the last decade peacebuilding has been in crises. This talk presents a blend of theoretical and empirical analysis how the body is constitutive of war and peace. It attends to witnessing, wounded, remembering, silenced and resistant bodies and argues that peacebuilding practices as well as Peace and Conflict Studies often dismiss this corporeal and mundane domain which is, however, instrumental to peace. The lecture offers an engagement with peace and conflict theory as well as with feminist social and political theory.

Tarja Väyrynen is a professor of Peace and Conflict Research and a director of Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI). Her research interests include conflict resolution and peacebuilding, feminist theory and post-colonial theory. Her most recent book is Corporeal Peacebuilding: Mundane Bodies and Temporal Transitions(Palgrave Macmillan).

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