Past event

Postgraduates and Parenthood

Thinking about starting a family, but worried about how this will affect your postgraduate degree and future career? Already combining postgraduate study with caring responsibilities, but want to find out more about the support available and to connect with other people in a similar situation? Join the “Postgraduates and Parenthood” event on Friday 28th October at 1pm-2pm.

Hear from a panel of speakers about their own experiences of being a parent or carer as a postgraduate and beyond, as well as from members of university staff who will provide information on parental leave policies and on the support available to postgraduate parents and carers.

This event will also include plenty of time for attendees to ask questions, raise issues, and share resources related to being or becoming a postgraduate parent or carer.

Come along and join in the discussion about the ups and downs of combining family life and caring responsibilities with research and academia!

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