Past event

Poetry Reading by Alexander Dickow

excerpts from Déblais (w/English translations), Caramboles in both languages, Appétits/Appetites in both languages, Un grenier in French only, as well as excerpts from unpublished work in English (from two works: Duet With Commentary, and Hob's Labor, two narrative works in verse).
Alexander Dickow is a poet and scholar who writes in French and English. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky and grew up in Moscow, Idaho; he is now an associate professor of French at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. His first book, Caramboles(Argol Editions, 2008), is a collection of poems in French and English. Rather than translations or even adaptations, these poems are recreations in the other language — sometimes from French to English, sometimes the reverse. His second full-length book of poems, Appetites (MadHat Press, 2018) has recently been published in French as Appétits (La Rumeur Libre, 2022); the latter volume includes a new collection of poems in French under the title Un grenier. Dickow's works involve extensive play with syntax, and they often transgress grammatical rules in both languages.