Past event

Perspectives on 'Recolouring the Queer' Kaleidoscope Alumni Network

Join the Kaleidoscope Alumni Network at the House of Books and Friends for this event that celebrates our individual and collective efforts to engage in intentional and creative dialogue about Queer identity with Kiki Aggarwal, Saints LGBTQIA+ BAME representative, Amritesh Singh MA PhD (Ebor), and Kathryn Herschell, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Awards Advisor.

Art and social impact take the centre stage of Kiki Aggarwal‘s ‘Recolouring the Queer', a reclamation initiative focusing on the inclusivity of queer people of colour in St Andrews through intentional and inclusive activities. In addition to their academic pursuits, Kiki contributes to social entrepreneurship through Enactus St Andrews, addressing issues like maternal mortality in South Sudan, food insecurity in St Andrews, and managing non-commercial glass waste. They explore their creativity through film, photography and Indian Classical dance.

Amritesh Singh MA PhD (Ebor) trained in literary criticism before branching into the domain of TESOL and International Education. His expertise in queer theory coupled with the experience of life in various countries — India, the UK, New Zealand, South Africa and China — have sharpened his focus on and deepened his commitment to inclusivity and diversity in education, which are at the heart of all his endeavours. Dr Singh's current research project examines the proceduralisation of inclusivity and diversity within Higher Education and the degree to which it creates a welcoming space for students who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Kathryn Herschell is working towards an MLitt in Gender Studies. They co-facilitate the University's LGBTQI+ staff network and are a visible bi role model. Outside of University life, they are an active participant in Loud and Proud, Scotland's first LGBTQ+ choir.

Location: House of Books and Friends, Manchester M2 4AH.