Pecha Kucha: community edition - Free

Pecha Kucha is an opportunity to listen to the inspirational stories of members of St Andrews community. For the speakers, Pecha Kucha is the chance to tell people about an interesting but less-known aspect of your life, to polish public speaking and to gain confidence in a fun, no-pressure and supportive environment!

Pecha Kucha is a visual storytelling format where the speaker tells a story using only 20 images, with 20 seconds to talk about each image! It's designed to be a rapid-fire and fun format, with each talk lasting just a bit longer than 6 minutes!

Our theme for this event is ‘Community' and we are inviting speakers to tell us about a community that matters to them. Communities have made a big difference to people's lives, especially during the pandemic, so we thought that this theme would let us celebrate wonderful communities, help us discover some new ones and give us a chance to learn more about members of our St Andrews community!

We invite you to sign-up as a speaker and tell us the story of your community using these 20 images. Whether you joined a knitting group during lockdown, became part of a Minecraft Discord group, started a research project, or you have just joined the dance or acapella society, we want to hear about it! (and more importantly, what YOUR community means to you!)

Interested in just attending as a speaker? Please snag one of the free tickets through the Eventbrite link below.

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