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Palestine and Decolonial Movements Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies Presents

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and The Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies welcome Mariam Barghouti is a writer and researcher based in Ramallah.

She also is a policy analyst with the think tank, Al-Shabak and a lecturer at Al-Quds Bard University (AQB). Her political commentary has been featured in The Washington Post, Middle East Eye, Guardian, CNN, BBC, EURONews, Al-Jazeera English, the New York Times amongst others. Her journalistic bylines include in Al-Jazeera English, The Intercept, Middle East Eye, amongst others. She has also lectured in Sociology at the Arab American University of Palestine and currently conducts research and analysis for various organizations in the region with a focus on gender, socio-economic inequalities, and power-relations. She also conducts monitoring and evaluation missions within the humanitarian aid and development sector.

Palestine and Decolonial Movements

This lecture will delve into the exploration of the Palestinian struggle from a decolonial lens in light of the most recent escalation of settler-colonial violence and ethnic cleansing. It seeks to re-locate and centralize decolonialism beyond its academic and activist confines to be more accurately reflective of the Palestinian context. In this way, the lecture seeks to dis-locate the narrative of conflict and conflict resolution to colonialism and decolonial movements.

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