Past event

New Directions in Critical Medical Humanities School of Modern Languages Research Seminar - Free

This seminar will consider the need of a conceptual vocabulary for the critical medical humanities. As a field at the intersection of biomedical sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences, the critical medical humanities have thrived on terms that suffer from semantic overload and ambiguous usage (e.g., neurodiversity, agency, cure, narrative, empathy). From terminological contamination across subjects, to translation issues, and the mediated narration of the neurodivergent experience, these terminological problems underlie the field. Moderated by Nicola Simonetti, this seminar features Prof Angela Woods, Dr Ted Bergman, Dr Allan Beveridge and Dr Áine Larkin, four thinkers who will offer brief thoughts about keywords that represent a variety of issues in the critical medical humanities. The goal is to join the conversation about establishing a shared lexicon for the critical medical humanities that will help organise its energies.