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July 2019

Naomi Mitchison: 20 Years OnThe event is free and unticketed, but please contact Dr James Purdon ( if you plan to attend.9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Kennedy HallFriday 26 July 2019

Event type: AcademicConferenceAudience: All audiencesAcademic Schools and Departments: English
This event has been created by: Amy Sansom Purdon

Event Details

2019 marks 20 years since the death of the Scottish novelist, scientist, and socialist Naomi Mitchison, author of more than 90 works including diaries and memoirs, poetry, fiction for adults and children, plays, biographies, works of political philosophy, essays, and journalism. In early life she studied natural sciences and published scholarly articles on genetics. As a committed socialist, she campaigned against nuclear weapons, advocated for women’s civil and reproductive rights, protested South African apartheid, and visited the Soviet Union in the midst of the Cold War. Her diverse literary catalogue includes such major works as the historical novel The Corn King and the Spring Queen (1931), the non-fiction Vienna Diary (1934), the fantasy novel Travel Light (1952) and later forays into science-fiction like Memoirs of a Spacewoman (1962) and Solution Three (1975).

Naomi Mitchison: 20 Years On brings scholars from around the UK to the School of English at the University of St Andrews to consider the legacy of Mitchison’s life and work at the busy intersections of literary, scientific, and political culture in twentieth-century Britain.

The event is free and unticketed, but please contact Dr James Purdon ( if you plan to attend.


(Friday) 9:00 am - 5:00 pm