Past event

CISI Postgraduate Symposium: Moving Memories

The Moving Memories postgraduate symposium organised by the Cultural Identity Studies Institute (CISI) provides an opportunity to discuss how the lens of movement can be used to explore the implications of a relational view of memory for how we think about local and global spaces.

The discussion will be guided by the following questions:

  • How do memories change when they move within and across national borders?
  • Why and how do we narrate memory movement?
  • What happens when memories depart their point of origin to inhabit new spaces?
  • How has this movement of memory evolved over time?
  • If memories are in movement, what does this mean for how we think about bordered spaces and nationhood?

The symposium will comprise a series of interventions by St Andrews postgraduates working in a range of disciplines and a keynote talk by Dr Sarah Arens, who joins the School of Modern Languages in September as a British Academy postdoctoral fellow. The day will include workshops led by invited multidisciplinary artist, Phoebe Boswell, as well as by PhD student Darya Tsymbalyuk (Russian and IR).

The venue for the event will be United College Quad Room 31.

Email Karunika Kardak on if you have any questions.