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Mind the (Gender) Gap! Gender Equality Week Filling the gaps on Wikipedia

The Gender Equality Week is here – what are your plans? How about “minding the (Gender) gap” over some tea and biscuits?

The Postgraduate Society is collaborating with the IDEA Network to host a talk by Dr Sara Thomas (Scotland Programme Coordinator, Wikimedia UK) about addressing the (gender) gap on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, however, despite its billions of users, most of those who edit are male, and only 19.13 per cent of English-language Wikipedia biographies are about women.

This one-hour event aims to spark a discussion and encourage attendees to become “knowledge activists” by finding out why they should edit Wikipedia as part of a network of others doing the same at the University. The session will showcase different opportunities to develop skills in digital media, research, teaching, public engagement, team collaboration, and critical thinking while filling content gaps on Wikipedia's underrepresented subjects.

More information:

The session will be followed up with an optional training opportunity during Spring Break to develop some new skills and challenge bias at the same time.

You can attend the session in person at the Large Rehearsal Room or join us online. Please email [email protected] for more information.