Past event

Microsoft Roundup 2021

Over the past year we've seen a number of significant improvements to Microsoft 365, enabling changes in the way we work, teach and communicate. Join us for a roundup of the updates, announcements and changes that took place in Microsoft 365 this year. Hear from colleagues across the University, who have adapted their services and ways of working using Microsoft 365 tools.

New features in Microsoft 365

IT Services run weekly sessions through the Personal Development Management System to help raise awareness of Microsoft 365 productivity apps. As new features are released, we highlight these during our sessions and in our Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 User Community. If you haven't managed to attend these, this event will provide an overview of useful new features which Microsoft have released this year.

Success stories from University colleagues

In 2020, we had to digitise all of our in-person services following the news of lockdown. Over 2021, many of us made further improvements to how we offer services online. During the event, we'll discuss University initiatives and how they made use of Microsoft 365 tools.

What's coming next year

We'll introduce some of the features which will be released next year, including Teams Webinars and Whiteboard enhancements.

This event is available for all University staff.