Past event

Mariupol Memory Park

Join us for an afternoon of events dedicated to Mariupol, Ukraine, organised by Victoria Donovan (Professor of Ukrainian and East European Studies) and Dr Anna Balazs (Social Anthropology Research Fellow). We would love to see you at any of the three sessions taking place during the afternoon. All events are free.

12 noon to 2pm: A walkshop with Alisa, Wardlaw Museum, 7 The Scores

Alisa Oleva is a walking artist. She walks and invites others to walk, using walking as a process and methodology to explore our memories and connections with places, homefinding, desire lines, place-making, and how the places move us and how we move them. Her projects have manifested as a series of interactive situations, performances, movement scores, personal and intimate encounters, parkour, walkshops, and audio walks. She has worked in many cities including London, Leeds, Manchester, Mariupol, Dnirpo, Kyiv, Berlin, Vilnius, Minsk, Esch-sur-Alzette and others.

5pm to 6pm: A screening of Mariupol documentary shorts (2018-2023), School III, St Salvator's Quad

6.30pm to 8pm: Mariupol Memory Park at the Byre Theatre

Please book a free ticket for this event at the Byre Theatre using the ‘More information' link below.

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