Past event

Louise Minchin (MA 1992) -- Fearless: Adventures with Extraordinary Women

A well-known, much-loved and highly respected television presenter, journalist and athlete, Louise Minchin (MA 1992) will be discussing her latest book Fearless: Adventures with Extraordinary Women.

Louise's first book, Dare to Tri, was released in 2019 and charted her journey from the BBC Breakfast sofa to competing internationally in triathlon events. Fearless reflects her passion for celebrating women's success by sharing their incredible stories, each chapter describing a difficult challenge taken on by Louise with a different courageous woman – from swimming from Alcatraz and free diving under ice in the dark in Finland to cycling across Argentina.

“To get to the heart of who these women are… I decided to do it the way that I know best, by taking part, spending time right beside them to experience the things they love.”

A graduate of St Andrews, Louise was keen to make St Andrews one of her book tour stops and we are delighted to be teaming up with Topping and Booksellers Company of St Andrews who are ticketing the event for us. Book your tickets on their website.