Past event

Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana 29th meeting

St Peter sees red; what's wrong with the world?; the centre of the universe; what are the angels?; the glory of God.
The twenty-ninth meeting of the LDA continues the series with a day of lectures on the next four cantos of Dante's Paradiso, again bringing leading Dante Scholars to St Andrews.
Still in the heaven of fixed stars, St Peter delivers an excoriating condemnation of his most recent successors before Dante and Beatrice continue the journey to the ninth heaven, the Primum Mobile. Dante sees the universe in its entirety as Beatrice explains the different orders of angels and their place in creation. How does it all fit together? Come along and find out.
Mr Spencer Pearce (University of Manchester), Prof. John Barnes (University College Dublin), Dr Vittorio Montemaggi (King's College London), and Dr David Bowe (University College Cork) will read and comment on Cantos 27 to 29 of Paradiso.
As always, the Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana is open to all and entry is free.
Those unable to attend for the full day are very welcome to attend whichever lectures they can and the programme is organized to accommodate that.
The full programme and times are on the website: