Past event

Law's Two Bodies Interview with Sir John Saunders

We are delighted to invite to the upcoming ‘Law's Two Bodies' event featuring Sir John Saunders, which will take place on Friday, 19 April, at 1.15pm in the Old Class Library (Mediaeval History Building, 71 South Street).

During this event, Professor John Hudson will engage in an enlightening conversation with Sir John Saunders, a retired High Court Judge of the King's Bench Division. Sir John Saunders brings a wealth of legal experience to the discussion, having served as a prosecutor, Recorder, Queen's Counsel, circuit judge, and High Court judge. He is renowned for presiding over high-profile cases, including those related to the 2010-11 Parliamentary expenses scandal and the 2013-14 News International phone hacking scandal. Most notably, from 2019, he was the presiding coroner overseeing the tragic Manchester Arena bombing deaths, leading to a public inquiry under his chairmanship.

The Law's Two Bodies is an ILCR project that delves into the fundamental question of ‘what is law'. However, it takes a distinctive approach by exploring the perspectives and practices of legal professionals. Through a series of interviews, we aim to understand how legal practitioners perceive and engage with the concept of law in their daily work.

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