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James Yorkston's Tae Sup Wi' A Fifer £15

Tae Sup Wi' A Fifer returns with another stellar line-up, hand-picked by our genial host, James Yorkston. Joining James on the Byre stage are Philip Selway, Marjolein Robertson, and Rachel Sermanni.

Philip Selway is a member of Radiohead. As a solo artist, he has released and toured three albums, Familial, Weatherhouse and Let Me Go, the latter being the official soundtrack from the film of the same name. He also scored soundtracks for the independent film Carmilla, and Sea Longing, a play for BBC Radio 3.

In 2014, he was commissioned by the Rambert Dance Company to write the music for the first reinterpretation of choreography by Merce Cunningham, the influential American choreographer. Aside from his muggle drumming duties in Radiohead, he has also featured in the wizarding band The Weird Sisters in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Marjolein Robertson is a storyteller and comedian. A native Shetlander, she was raised on local folklore and, as a child, she spent her days walking in the footsteps of the protagonists and creatures from these tales. Marjolein now performs stories both online and in-person. Since lockdown she regularly tells folktales on the online platform Twitch, where she was awarded Partner status in 2021. She also tells stories in person and has performed at various festivals and events over the years, including Edinburgh Tradfest, Connect Festival, and on the BBC Stage with her own storytelling hour in the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019.

Rachel Sermanni is a Scottish based singer/songwriter. She specialises in making the mundane moments mystical: shock-positive pregnancy tests in train-station toilets, coffee machine breakages, cold river swims, the regret of not saying ‘I love You', the moon and how it pulls, bare feet on wood floors, the soft glow of a house plant, ‘what even is consciousness?', strange dreams lingering in quiet mornings… She brims with dreamy indie-folk pop that speaks of the struggle and desire to flow, to love, to live, to feel. Sometimes her songs speak of the rare moments of quiet-still, found in the midst of this struggle and desire.

Rachel is a jellyfish. Surrendering to the currents of the big sea.

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