Past event

IP for Research (facilitated by the Intellectual Property Office)

Intellectual Property is important when considering opportunities to create impact. Whether your goal is for cultural, social or economic impact, IP can support your outcomes.

IP rights include:
* Patents
* Trademarks
* Copyright
* Design Rights

As a researcher it is vital that you understand IP, are aware of its implications for your research and can identify and manage the IP arising from your research.

The webinar will help you:
* explore the different types of IP you could be creating as a researcher
* help you make informed decisions on use of any IP generated
* understand when and how to speak to an IP expert at your university
* highlight the potential opportunities to maximise the impact of research
* recognise when and how others' IP can and should be respected

The webinar will include the following elements:
* an introduction to IP, the IPO and why IP is important
* A discussion of the main IP Rights (copyright, patents, design and trade marks)
* Christian Ziar, Head of Technology Transfer on the Univerity's approach to IP, the role of the Technology Transfer Centre and their support for research projects
* Guest speaker from the institution sharing their own IP experience.

This webinar is led by Vitae, a global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers, in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). University representatives will be on hand to give you an insight into the support available at the University of St Andrews. There will be an opportunity for reflection, discussion and questions.

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