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International Symposium on Hispanic Poetry "¿Adónde el paraíso, / sombra, tú que has estado?": Representations of paradise in medieval, modern and contemporary Hispanic poetry

Since the book of Genesis, the themes of expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the loss of innocence, and the search for a lost paradise –in a religious or a non-religious context– appear everywhere in Western art and literature. The purpose of this two-day symposium is to provide a thorough and original examination of such motives through the analysis of different works of Hispanic poetry from the Middle Ages to the present day, using the widest possible range of theoretical tools. The academic sessions of the symposium will be complemented with poetry readings by two distinguished contemporary Spanish poets, Amalia Bautista and Ignacio Cartagena, both of whom we are delighted to welcome to St Andrews.

Conference organisers: Jordi Larios, PJ Lennon, Javier Letran
Department of Spanish, School of Modern Languages, University of St Andrews

With the collaboration of Instituto Cervantes Manchester, Institut Ramon Llull, Consejería de Cultura de la Embajada de España en el Reino Unido, Consulado General de España en Edimburgo, Cřtedra Cervantes

All welcome. Attendance to the different sessions is free, but please let us know if you are coming by e-mailing [email protected] by Monday 19 June.

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